Gillette goes viral

One of the 2019 trends in Social Media is „Stand for something” and brands that have the guts to do it will win.

And is just January and Gillette blows our mind with the short movie statement that is an education call for men over the #MeToo movement to stand against toxic masculinity. „We believe: The best man can be” has it all - flow, emotion, standing against something and that ”je ne sais quoi” element to make it viral and so it went.

Due to lumbersexual trend and grow a beard style in the past years sales in men’s razors have dropped, shaving products companies make money thanks to woman, and with the „pink tax” we are their double cash flow. ”Pink tax” is a form of gender-based price discrimination, naming come from the observation that many of the affected products are pink. Women products are generally more expensive than those of man. According to the study conducted by The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs products marketed towards women cost in average 7% more than those for men. We get that in several categories: apparel, toys and healthcare products. The biggest discrepancy is in personal care products where women’s products cost 13% more that of men.

Having all these in mind, but also that the woman are the decision factor in the shopping department, an emotional video that is produced based on #MeToo movement makes sense and it brings a strong message around the world. It is an emotional one that stands for involvement, education and bold statements.