Be a follower

We hear all around us the word „influencers”, even the 10 years old use it when they talk about the most charismatic person of the group. According to Cambridge Dictionary an influencer is someone who affects or change the way other people behave, for example through their use of social media. Needless to say that this, as everything in digital life is in the eye of the beholder. Some think is the next best thing, others think that some rules should apply.

What I can say is that for me Bono from U2 will always be the „persona” when it comes from influencing people - he does that to stop hunger in Africa and wars, so he uses his popularity in a good way. And brands love that about them, even back in time where they had a different word like „rock stars”.

Digital era tell us that a 5 year old can become an influencer since he launched his Youtube channel where he makes reviews of toys…with the whole family behind his success. But also the girl next door that takes pictures of martini glasses and makes you envy her living, or the boy with six pack that travels around the world as a job to take pictures of landscapes, due to his Instagram account.

Diesel is well known for very good video content when it comes of talking about their brand. They launched yesterday a series of amazing commercials inviting people to stop dreaming of becoming a Influencer, and be a follower instead so you can enjoy life in whole its glory. All the videos are using real influencers ( just take the name that comes after ”Diesel feat.” and google it :))

Cool job, Diesel!