From Socialnomics to Digital Transformation

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Have you ever wonder what will happen with social media in the following year? New platforms show up, others are disappearing, while some are captured by giants, even so the social media is a part of our life for the past years if we want or don’t. From year to year even our off line behaviour changes due to the digital transformation - a phrase we start hearing it often around us, on social platforms, in researches or in day to day conversation. The economy changed once the social networks appear, and now a marketing plan starts with digital and develops in ATL (above the line - advertising is going to be deployed around a wider target audience, television, radio, or billboards) and BTL (below the line - advertising is going to target a specific group of potential consumers, using tools like events, direct emailing, or direct product demonstration) communication. The awareness helps the sales, and it has in social media and digital content strong pillars.

Erik Qualman is the author of Socialnomics - that was among finalists for the Book of the Year as voted by American Marketing Association. He also wrote Digital Leader and What happens in Vegas Stays on Youtube.

Socialnomics is a term invented by Qualman is a mix between social - platforms and people and economy, and it is also the name of the book that it is a benchmark that talks about the effects and implications of social media on our daily lives, and how a business can tap the power and increase their sales, reduce their marketing coasts and reach consumers much easier. Based on meeting with 75 Fortune 1000 companies, colleges, universities and small business & non-profit organisations, the materials are pure gold. If you have not read the book yet, I strongly recommend it. Why am I talking about it? Because beside the books and a very interesting website, Erik releases every year a short movie that keeps you up to date with the socialnomics :). From February when I had time to enjoy the 2019 video and wanted to write about it, this article sits in the drafts and now it is going to be published. Take your time and see the evolution of social media, consumer behaviour and economy from 2014 to today:

Digital transformation is probably the catch phase of 2019 - and you will hear it a lot - so get the basics with Erik :)