Wonders of nature

Of the above three, last one is my favourite - because for several days the skin radiates health, especially if you are the type who consumes many fluids daily, and when I say that you know that wine, carbonated juices or coffee do not Falls within this chapter. I'm talking about flat water, unsweetened teas and soups or soups. 

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What is your personality like?

Do you think about yourself that you are a creative person?

In the right enviroment everyone can be or become creative. Since this is my article there is no point in keep telling „in my opinion”. So I will stop use that sentance and just go with the flow of the articles. Some of us show creativity in marketing, others in thinking outside of the box in a problem, or others in finding the craziest solutions in dark times. Regardless of your skill(s), if the opportunity apears you can be THE ONE.

Adobe is one of the apps I use on the Ipad. With a lot of useful tools - they offer you for a low price a lot of solutions if you are working in digital area. And now they have this funny and intuitive test in order to know what type o creative you are. The only thing I found missing was an ”association” with one of the programs they offer. Let's say if you are The Adventurer like me - you could like Photoshop Sketch. At this point they pair you with other creative types. Regardless - take the quizz and let me know if we have the same areas of interest :)


From Socialnomics to Digital Transformation

The economy changed once the social networks appear, and now a marketing plan starts with digital and develops in ATL (above the line - advertising is going to be deployed around a wider target audience, television, radio, or billboards) and BTL (below the line - advertising is going to target a specific group of potential consumers, using tools like events, direct emailing, or direct product demonstration) communication. The awareness helps the sales, and it has in social media and digital content strong pillars.

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Time Management

Since they were familiar from the volunteering life, were  the next logical and full of comfort step - not my cup of tea on the mobile so no thank you. They are amazing for team work and project management, but they are not what I am looking for. So I started with the less known apps and try some new ones, as well.

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Music and mud - art!

When we talk about music, I am wired, can be songs that I love if I see them (meaning seeing the clip to listening to them), but later, if I hear them on the radio - they don't move anything inside me.Others become even more obsessive, once near the notes you add images. At this chapter we can add „Love Somebody” - Maroon 5 - since are one of the bands I love to listen, with some really well made clips, and this tune makes no exception. With a super minimalist concept, but in the same time complicated (omg, my brain is already going in superdrive, let me get another gulp of coffee) the song carry you in discovering the band and the female guest (most likely a top model well paid like they got us used). But, I think is time to give the keyboard a break and let you enjoy the song!

Dance and advertising

Same time last year I discovered this case study of OPI commercial, being passionate about dance I compiled some videos where sports is tangled with practice. I saved a draft of this article and forgot about it there util now. In the spring cleaning for the site, I publish an article or two, erase some sketches that are no longer something to see the light of the internet and now is all ready for summer. It was time to let this beauty out into the world in a Friday afternoon so you can start the weekend in a beautiful mood and light as a feather! 

And the piece de resistance is this masterpiece of Sting and a ballerina!

About skin and hair

But, now let’s get back to our recipe, combine them all together with a wooden spoon or a fork - then with a cloth around the neck, in order to avoid stains on clothing put the paste on your mug, except the area around your eyes. Leave it on to react for 10- 15 minutes, wipe it off your face with a towel soaked in warm water, not cold

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How to stop using vocal crutches

Another trick would be to ask somebody while you talk to make certain sounds every time you use a vocal crutch or something that doesn’t belong in the speech. After a few minutes it will become annoying especially if you have a lot, but with exercise it will make you concentrate on breathing and pauses instead of ahs. This trick can be a service also if you are having trouble to look at the audience. My recommendation would be, mainly if you are just starting this, that no matter how eager you are for a fast track is to not work on both challenges in the same time. Take them one at a time, in order to make sure that you will succeed.

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Diesel - Be a follower

Digital era tell us that a 5 year old can become an influencer since he launched his Youtube channel where he makes reviews of toys…with the whole family behind his success. But also the girl next door that takes pictures of martini glasses and makes you envy her living, or the boy with six pack that travels around the world as a job to take pictures of landscapes, due to his Instagram account.

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LinkedIn - out of the box communication

What happens when LinkedIn starts to play on music? Well...this:

Angelina Jordan won the 2014 season of Norway's Got Talent singing classic jazz pieces, including ”Fly me to the Moon”, a song written in 1954 and made a hit ten years later by Frank Sinatra. LinkedIn choose the song in Angelina'ß interpretation in order to promote the Job section of the platform - so your CV can and will take you anywhere! :)

So do you keep your resume updated? I do now since I am looking for a new opportunity :)

About Social Media in Toastmasters

Don’t neglect Dark Social that I mentioned above: the giant bucket of ‘direct’ traffic from emails, facebook stories and messages, whatsapp  status, instagram stories to sms. Radium One estimated in January 2016 that 80% of social shares are dark, so they are made with one or several ways described already. They also think that since this is one-on-one communication, people are more inclined to make a purchase, attend or feed-back decision, that is definitive. 

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Gillette goes viral

And is just January and Gillette blows our mind with the short movie statement that is an education call for men over the #MeToo movement to stand against toxic masculinity. „We believe: The best man can be” has it all - flow, emotion, standing against something and that ”je ne sais quoi” element to make it viral and so it went.

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Color my hair pretty

I have 3 natural secrets that I will share with you, in addition of telling you to choose your shampoo that makes your  scalp happy (may be one of 5 lei or one of 30 lei), shampoo it only after you wet your hair really good, from root to tip and rinsing it extremely well, preferably with warm water, not hot.

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