Speaker, trainer, blogger, communicator Ana M. Marin

Communicator * Trainer * Activist

I love what I do so that makes me smile a lot. I am a communicator with more than 12 years experience. I became a blogger in order to practice writing. In 2016 turned serious by owning a domain and developing content oriented to personal development.

 From 2010 I am a trainer, this made me discover myself, I work in a corporation where I mix my two main skills. 
I am an activist, in several NGOs, the important one are in development areas: TMI (Toastmasters International) JCI (Junior Chamber International)

Subjects on my blog are eclectics from cars to public speaking, from graphic facilitation to music. Ideas come from the experiences that I live every day because I love to step outside the comfort zone, so that in time the whole world will be my comfort zone. Wanna know what trainer of fulfilled dreams means? Read here: