Storytelling in recruiting

Every since childhood we love hearing or watching stories. Some of us have a native talent for storytelling, others learn as they search for development or as a passion. From my point of view stories sell - if you have a nice way of describing your previous experience at the interview you get noticed - storytelling. If you have charisma in your group is because you know the best stories and jokes and everybody loves to hear you speak - storytelling. An amazing movie that you can not stop recommend it - storytelling. 

In life - we love stories, so when we see a commercial that has a story, and extra is a little bit fun - we will remember it:

Time management Pomodoro Techinique

you can raise the bar to 35 minutes, with 10 minutes break and go up to 45 minutes. But that is the high you should go, brain needs resets, it is a machine and need time to cool down. If whatever you do takes more than 45 minutes, just stop and take a break after this interval. On your break, even if they are of 5 or 15 minutes don’t stay near the computer, at your desk, take a walk, go and smoke a cigarette (if that is your thing),

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what is actually "Mindfulness"? - is a person's ability to be present "now, here". Paying attention to who you are and what you are doing, without letting your mind be reactive or overwhelmed by other thoughts or the things around. It's simple, right? Not quite! Attention is a muscle that can be trained, just like the one of public speaking or active listening. 

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The 4Cs I learn from Disney, and my mom!


Every child with access to a TV knows about Disney, for those working in a creative area he is a role model, for doodlers (like myself) or artists he is an inspiration. Disney was a storyteller — and a good one, not only using a paper and a pencil to draw the fairy tales, but also when he chat with people.

The most used quote from him is the one about the 4C’s that help you to make your dreams come true: curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy. As a child, I grow up with his cartoons and they cemented what my mom use to tell me. Be curious — is the only way you will learn new things and meet new people. Be confident in yourself, you have no idea of what you can achieve if you don’t try .....the rest of the article can be read on my Medium page

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